We believe games are the most powerful medium in the world. They have the power to engage, fascinate, teach and bring a wild range of emotions like nothing else. We gathered a handful of people who carry this belief at heart, built a company around it and now we create unique experiences for players to enjoy for years and decades.

Daisu is a digital board games company. We take acclaimed board game franchises and bring them to audiences on the PC, mobile, and consoles. Working with renowned partners around the world, we are able to blur the borders between tabletop and digital. 

We are also a fully remote company, and we value highly the quality of life of our team. Our goal is not only to produce games that players will engage with for many years, but also to hire and retain incredible and talented people who want to make an impact in the world through games.

'Daisu' is a unique word crafted from 'dice' but with a somewhat Japanese spelling. Japanese video games were integral for an entire generation of gamers in the 90's (most of us), so we feel proud to pay homage to incredible designers and developers that shaped the industry. Daisu was founded in 2015.


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Games by Daisu
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